Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)
Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis

Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) is a research laboratory at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia, that connects the conventionally considered "engineering" and "pure physics" disciplines. Since the interests of both engineering and pure physics cover fields that overlap, a definitive dividing line cannot be drawn between them. Situated at Faculty of Electronic Engineering, APL has been naturally oriented to conduct the research in the applied physics field.

APL researchers have achieved world-class research results, with over 100 publications in peer reviewed international scientific journals and numerous international and national conference presentations.

In period 2008-2012, APL realized the FP7 - EU Center of Excellence project. Please visit “RADDOS project” and “News” sections of the web site to learn more about this project and its instrumental role in enhancing the human and technical potential of the APL.

In period 2019-2022, APL has been realizing the Horizont 2020 - Twinning project.

01 September 2019 – ELICSIR project officially starts

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