Ionizing radiation has been used for diagnostic purposes in x-ray imaging, computerized tomography and nuclear medicine, as well as in radiotherapy where the cancerous tissue is exposed to the ionizing radiation. At the other side, there is a risk of ionizing radiation from natural radionuclides and occasional accidents in nuclear power plants. In addition, the UV radiation has been used in diagnostic and therapy purposes, but there is an increased risk of exposure to solar UV radiation caused by the ozone hole appearing.

Project III43011 is an integral and interdisciplinary project gathering the people from various institutions and various research fields of physics, electronics, medicine, biology, chemistry, sociology and psychology. The project is a combination of basic, applied and developmental research in the fields of measurements of ionizing and UV radiation, their applications within diagnostics and therapy in medicine, and environmental and radiological protection. In addition, within a project there are the international collaborations with the institutions from abroad.

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