• Realized systems
Some of the systems realized in APL could be seen here.

• Call for Students
If you like a physics, in addition to electronics and/or informatics, then Applied Physics Laboratory is the right place for you! If you are interested in participating in laboratory, please contact us. We specially wish to encourage the interested students of all years (including the first year).
All information may be obtained from prof. Goran Ristic (room 328; e-mail:

• Information for Students
The students can do their graduate and master works in the Applied Physics Laboratory.

• Realized master works:
Luka Spahić, "Design and implementation of an electronic circuit for measuring low currents based on transimpedance amplification".
Stefan Ilić, "Investigation of the possibility of using a commercial floating gate transistor as an ionizing radiation detector in high sensitivity mode".
Laza Kostić, "Self-sustaining, low-power embedded system for measuring the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation".

• Realized graduated works:
Nenad Kitanović: "PIN photodiode as a detector of ionizing radiation". Photos can be seen here.
Stefan Ilić, “Electrically programmable floating gate MOS transistor as a radiation detector”.
Aleksandar Jevtić, "Geiger - Miller counter with wireless communication".