Laboratory Equipment:

*   Model 4200-SCS/F Keithley Semiconductor Characterization System with Flat Panel Display including:
-  Medium Power source-Measuring Unit fo 4200-SCS; 100mA to 100fA, 200V to 1µV, 2Watt
-  Remote PreAmp for 4200-SMU extending SMU to 0.1fA resolution
-  Capacitance Voltage Unit
-  Dual Channel Pulse Generator

Model 2636A Keithley Dual-channel Source Meter Unit (Low Current)
*   Model 708A Keithley Ultra Low Current, 8 x 12 High Speed Switching Matrix
*   Test Fixture for DIP parts
*   Model AvaSpec-3648 Avantes Spectrometer

( * Equipment purchased by the EU FP7 project RADDOS )

•   Model 8116A Hewlett Packard Pulse/Function Generator 50Mhz
•   Model 2611 and Model 2410 Keithley Source Meters
•   Model DPO 4032 Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope 350MHz, 2.5 GS/s
•   Model HP 63B2 Vacuubrand Vacuum Pumping System

01 September 2019 – ELICSIR project officially starts

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