From October 23 to 26, 2012, Goran Ristic visited the University of Granada, Spain, where he had the meetings with the colleagues from Granada and Cork (Ireland). The photos could be found here.

From September 12 to 14, 2012, Goran Ristic participated at the 9th Conference of the Society of Physicists of Macedonia 2012, which was held in Ohrid, Macedonia. Prof. Ristic presented two papers, one orally, entitled "The radiation-induced defects in pMOS dosimeters", and the second as a poster, entitled "The distributions of the electrical breakdown time delay of commercial starters ". The photos could be found here.

From April 25 to 27, 2012, APL organized very successful conference RAD 2012 (The First International Conference on Radiation and Dosimetry in Various Fields of Research). The details about conference could be found at the conference web site.

From 28 to 30 March 2012, Goran Ristić and Jugoslava Kramarković from APL, and Aleksandar Jaksic from Tyndall Institute visited ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The photos from the visiting could be found here.

From 28 February  to 2 March 2011, Nikola Vasović,  Miomir Todorović, Uglješa Jovanović, Jugoslav Karamarković and Goran Ristić from APL visited Josef Stefan Institute (JSI), Ljubljana, Slovenia and participated in the  7th “Trento” Workshop on Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors (3D and P-type Technologies) The picture gallery could be found here.

From October 2 until December 25, 2011, Miomir Todorovic finalized his secondment at the Josef Stefan Institute (JSI), Ljubljana, Slovenia. During that period, he worked on the implementation of a system for sequence formation of the pulses to excite a laser of semiconductor test system, using the ARM Cortex M3 controller LPC1768, as well as on the control of strip detectors, using ASIC chip VATAGP7. The picture gallery could be found here.

From 21 to 23 November 2011, Goran Ristić and Jugoslav Karamarković visited CERN Institute, and participated in 19th RD50 Workshop on Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders. During the visit to CERN, the possibilities of the inclusion of APL in RD50 collaboration were considered. Moreover, the visit was used for the promotion of RAD 2012 conference. The picture gallery could be seen here.

From 12 to 14 November 2011, Marko Andjelković, Uglješa Jovanović, and Goran Ristić from APL participated in the XXVI Conference of Society of Radiation Protection of Serbia and Montenegro, which was held at Tara, Serbia, with two oral papers: "Realization of two amplifiers based on transimpedance gain for low level dc current measurements in dosimetric applications" and "Development of two amplifiers based on integrator gain for measurement of low level dc current in dosimetry applications". The photos from the conference could be found here.

From Septembar 18 to October 2, 2011, Goran Ristic visited the Josef Stefan Institute (JSI). During his stay, he was informed about the work of the silicon detector group. He was introduced in all methods and procedures were used. The special attention was given to transient current technique (TCT) for radiation defects in silicon detectors revealing. An arrangement of the setting of this technique at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering for radiation defects in RADFETs investigation was made, and the partners from the IJS will provide all the necessary knowledge and supports. The picture gallery could be found here.

At the beginning of August, 2011, Nikola Vasovic began his second secondment at the Tyndall Institute. He will work at development of high precision temperature controller equipped with a matrix of Pt1000 probes, development board for programmable low-current sources based on PIC32 microcontroller platform, related to the development of electronics for a new portable and stand alone RADFET reader. Nikola will also be involved in electrical testing and characterization of RADFET wafers for research and commercial purposes. The picture gallery could be found here.

Prof. Goran Ristic from the APL spent his month-long visit to the Tyndall Institute from July 14 to August 14, 2011.
During the visit, Goran Ristic and Aleksandar Jaksic worked on two manuscripts relating to RADFETs. They completed the revised version of the paper sent for publication in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atom, and worked on the preparation of a new manuscript for publication in an international journal. In addition, the introduction of Prof. Ristic in Monte Carlo simulations of radiation interaction with RADFET oxide was performed. The picture gallery could be found here.

12 May 2011 – RADDOS project meeting held in Mokra Gora, Serbia
An annual RADDOS project meeting was been held in Mecavnik, Mokra Gora, Serbia, from 12th to 15th of May 2011, which is seen as a potential place for conference organizing that is planned as a project activity. The partners discussed in details about the activities being done, and the plan of future activities, especially about the visits to the Tyndall Institute and Josef Stefan Institute, as well as the conference organizing. The picture gallery could be found here.

01 January 2011 – APL researchers awarded a new national project
Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology has awarded APL a new four year national project entitled "Joint research of measurements and effects of ionizing and UV radiation in medicine and environmental protection". The project will be lead by Head of APL, Prof. Goran Ristic, and involves, besides APL/University of Nis, three other major universities in Serbia. This is an integral and interdisciplinary project gathering the people from various institutions and various research fields of physics, electronics, medicine, biology, chemistry, sociology and psychology. The project is a combination of basic, applied and developmental research in the fields of measurements of ionizing and UV radiation, their applications within diagnostics and therapy in medicine, and environmental and radiological protection. More about this project could be found here.

26 December 2010 – APL and Tyndall researches perform irradiation campaign in Belgrade
Researchers from APL (Prof. Goran Ristic, Nikola Vasovic, and Marko Andjelkovic) and Tyndall (Aleksandar Jaksic) have successfully completed the radiation campaign at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Belgrade. The campaign was related to Tyndall ESA sponsored project "MTSL RADFET development and supply" and the results will be jointly analysed and submitted to the conferences and journals relevant to the research field.

September 2010 – Jugoslav Karamarkovic from APL and Matej Batic from IJS finish their Tyndall visits
Prof. Jugoslav Karamarkovic from APL has finished his second short visit to Tyndall in mid September 2011; his first visit occurred in July 2011. The purpose of the visits was to get training and experience in Monte Carlo simulations working together with the IJS researcher, Dr. Matej Batic. Matej visited Tyndall on secondment from mid June to mid September 2011 and was engaged on simulations of Tyndall radiation probes for detection of radionuclides. As the results of these visits and related interactions, Monte Carlo simulations of the radiation induced particles transport will be developed as a new research topic at APL.

01 July 2010 – Marko Zavrtanik completes his short visit to Tyndall
Prof. Marko Zavrtanik from Jozef Stefan Institute has completed his one week visit to Tyndall National Institute. The visit was related to discussion about the general RADDOS project progress, joint Tyndall/IJS/APL experiments to be performed in a short and medium term, and details of Monte Carlo simulation work led by Matej Batic.

15 June 2010 – Matej Batic from IJS begins secondment at Tyndall
Dr. Matej Batic, a researcher from Jozef Stefan Institute, has begun his secondment at Tyndall National Institute. Matej will develop Monte Carlo simulations of the radiation response of the detectors being developed by Tyndall in their FP7 funded ROC project. Matej will work closely on this project with Prof. Jugoslav Karamarkovic from APL, introducing Jugoslav into Monte Carlo simulations using GEANT4 code and thereby starting the development of a new research area at APL. Jugoslav’s two short visits to Tyndall in connection with this work are expected in early July and early September.

01 May 2010 – Nikola Vasovic from APL begins secondment at Tyndall
Nikola Vasovic, a young researcher from APL, has started his secondment at Tyndall National Institute. The secondment coincides with the activities planned in Tyndall FP7 ROC project related to the development of electronics for the PIN diode dosimeter to be used in a novel system for FDG synthesis. Nikola will also be involved in electrical testing of RADFET wafers for research and commercial purposes.

April 2010 – First RADDOS related paper accepted for NSREC conference
The paper related to the RADFET flight data onboard NANOSAT1B satellite has been accepted for poster presentation at the NSREC conference. This is the first scientific paper resulting from the FP7 funded RADDOS project. The authors are Milic Pejovic (APL), Aleksandar Jaksic (Tyndall), and a Spanish group from aerospace institute INTA, Madrid. NSREC conference ( is a premier world conference on radiation and its effects on electronic devices and systems.

February 2010 – RADFET reader prototype developed at APL
APL young researcher Nikola Vasovic has developed a prototype of the RADFET reader under the guidance of Prof. Goran Ristic. This handheld reader is optimised for Tyndall RADFETs and will be used as a basis for the final reader design, jointly developed by APL and Tyndall under the RADDOS project.

26 April 2009 – Secondment of Marko Vuckovic at IJS completed
Marko Vuckovic from APL has completed his two month secondment at Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Marko worked on hardware and software for implementation of a Transient Current Technique for analysis of properties of interface traps and oxide charge in radiation dosimeters.

13 April 2009 – Secondment of Milic Pejovic at Tyndall completed
Dr. Milic Pejovic from APL has completed his three month secondment at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland. This was the first secondment under the RADDOS project. Milic worked on automation of Tyndall RADFET wafer measurements and analysis of radiation exposure experimental results. He also attended the Tyndall post-graduate course on fabrication technologies.

22 October 2008 – RADDOS project meeting held in Ljubljana
An important RADDOS project meeting has been held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 22 October 2008. The partners discussed in detail the synergies of their research programmes and the plan of action for joint research under the project. Complementary expertise and facilities in RADFET dosimeters and diode dosimeters have been identified and detailed research plans discussed.

06 June 2008 – RADDOS project kick-off meeting held in Nis
Official kick-off meeting of the RADDOS project was held at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis. The meeting was attended by the APL staff, project partners (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, and Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia), and the EU Project Officer.

01 May 2008 – RADDOS project officially starts
An international project entitled “Joint research on various types of radiation dosimeters” (acronym: RADDOS) has officially started. The project is funded by EU FP7 under Capacities/Research Potential programme and aims at enhancement of the potential of the APL through co-operation and networking with partner institutions – Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) and Jozef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia). More details about the project can be found at the RADDOS link on this web site.

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